Melda MMasteringFXBundle 22가지 플러그인 포함 번들

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MMasteringFXBundle은 혁신적인 기술 플러그인(현재 22개 FX플러그인 ) 모음으로, 녹음을 더 빠르고 쉽게 마스터링하고 놀라운 결과를 얻을 수 있는 기능을 제공합니다. 그리고 그것들은 마스터링 단계 이전에도 똑같이 사용하기에 적합합니다.


MMasteringFXBundle 에 포함된 22가지 effects

  • MSpectralDynamics - A revolution in audio processing. Flattens the spectrum, prevents collisions, removes noise...
  • MStereoProcessor - An advanced mastering multiband stereo analyzer and enhancer plugin.
  • MBassador - A unique bass enhancer and sub-bass generator. A must for modern tight mixes!
  • MTurboCompLE - The ultimate (not-only) compressor simulating most of the vintage analog compressors.
  • MEqualizerLP - A linear-phase equalizer that sounds as good as you have always dreamt!
  • MDynamics - Compressors, expanders, gate... Amazing sound, easy-to-use interface and ultimate versatility.
  • MDynamicsMB - Compressors, expanders, gate... 6 bands, amazing sound, easy-to-use interface and versatility.
  • MLimiterX - A powerful brickwall limiter with transparent sound, but character if you want it!
  • MLimiterMB - Add this to a track, turn up the drive and make your music sound better!
  • MAutoEqualizer - An extremely powerful linear-phase equalizer with automatic equalization feature.
  • MUltraMaximizer - A powerful yet affordable solution for the loudness war!
  • MTransientMB - A powerful transient shaper which brings the vital attack and punch to otherwise sterile drums!
  • MFreeformAnalogEq - Just draw what you want and make it happen with the audio quality of parametric analog filters!
  • MConvolutionMB - Realistic reverbs, microphone and box simulations and more; all with ultimate audio quality!
  • MAutoAlign - The ultimate phase cancellation solution. A must-have for every mixing engineer!
  • MModernCompressor - An astonishing sound with all those features needed by a versatile compressor.
  • MAutoDynamicEq - The most powerful dynamic equalizer with unbelievable sound, features and workflow.
  • MDynamicEq - The 2nd most powerful (dynamic) equalizer available, right after MAutoDynamicEq ;).
  • MTransient - Bring some attack and punch to any rhythmic track!
  • MCompare - The ultimate A/B tool for mixing and mastering. Don't ever be fooled by your own ears again!
  • MTurboComp - The ultimate (not-only) compressor simulating most of the vintage analog compressors.
  • MTurboEQ - A unique vintage-style equalizer inspired by most of the well-known classic hardware.
  • MTurboReverbLE - The most powerful algorithmic reverb ever made. 100 reverbs in one and more...

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